Individual Coaching

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Individual Coaching

Individual coaching is great for people who want a custom approach and personalized attention. Private sessions are for people who have a specific topic they want to focus on. Perhaps it’s a major life change, struggles with health and stress, a sensitive subject you want to keep private, or gaining peak performance and higher production.

In private sessions, Lisa can hone in on exactly the things you specifically should focus on and tailor a program for you. This may be a shift in your nutrition, focusing on stress reduction techniques or how to improve your focus based on your circumstances. This is less of a teaching approach that you would receive in group classes and more of an individualized coaching approach.

I have lots of tools to help your path of transformation.

Toolbox of Approaches

Brain-Based Coaching



Neurolinguistic Programming


Polyvagal Theory

Brain-Based Nutrition Coaching

EFT Emotional Freedom Technique


It is often very difficult to make lasting changes such as altering habits, overcoming fears and releasing anxiety from a conscious state of mind. This explains why we fail on diets or can’t stick to an exercise routine. When our subconscious mind is programmed a certain way, one of the best tools to change that programming is through the same subconscious state it was created in. This is where hypnotherapy comes in.


Brainspotting locates points in the client’s visual field that help to access unprocessed trauma in the subcortical brain.
Brainspotting therapy works for everyone. Brainspotting gives the coach access to both the brain and body. The goal is to bypass the conscious thinking processes of the neo-cortex to get to the deeper more emotional and body-based processes from the sub-cortex part of the brain.


Think Meditation, Brain Training, Flow State, Rewiring and Performance Improvement ALL IN ONE!

We know you are busy. In just minutes a day, our trademarked process sculpts new emotional, mental and physical patterns allowing you the freedom to design your life.

Neurosculpting meditation is easy, quick and powerful!

60 min Individual Session

In this 60 min session we work together to shift what you want to in your life and understand why it is is happening. We can do brain-based coaching or use any of the modalities I am trained in to make lasting change

Session can take place in-person or remotely over zoom or phone

4 session coaching package

Purchase 4 – 60 mins sessions as a package to use at your own pace to shift habits and behaviors and take a deep dive into creating a life you love. We can do brain-based coaching or any of the modalities I am trained in to achieve your desired results.

(Save $95 by buying a package of sessions)

Sessions can take place in-person or remotely over zoom or phone

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