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Brain-Based Coaching is a new approach to coaching that not only gives you amazing life tools, it has you understand your behavior and the “why” you do the things you do.

Want to manage stress better?

Want to improve your relationships?

Want to be a participant in your life not a spectator?

Want to change your patterns and habits?

Individual Coaching

Work with Lisa one-on-one for individualized and personal coaching

Relationship Coaching

Find new ways to create a relationship that is one you have always dreamed of

Group Coaching

Attend live group coaching sessions and brain based classes either pre-recorded or live

Business Coaching

Customized programs created for businesses working with teams and individuals

What is Brain-Based Coaching?
Who is it for?

Your brain is at the source of everything. Every decision, all behavior, every goal and all reactions. But not many of us have been taught how our brain works.

Brain-Based coaching not only helps you make change in your life, it comes with an explanation of WHY you are where you are. And since we all have brains, this coaching is for everyone.



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Do you ever get upset and you become reactionary and don’t have access to your best self?

Control your reactions by understanding how your brain works.

Are you repeating bad habits you can't seem to break?

Learn how your brain sees these patterns and how to change them permanently.

Do you have stress, overwhelm or anxiety?

These reactions are beacuse your brain feels “unsafe”. Learn how to manage and reduce the effects of stress, overwhelm and anxiety by calming your brain.

Do you feel stuck and paralyzed in making change?

Inaction is a way for the brain to feel in control and certain – therefore we get stuck and paralyzed. Learn how to manage the brain to be in action.

Do you want to create a life you love?

There are many things that stop us from living the life our our dreams. If you start having your brain work wth you not against you, you can live a life you love.

What is Brain Based Coaching?
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How It Works

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Reach out to me via email and we can set a time to answer your questions and help you decide if coaching is a fit for you and what plan would best ft your needs.


Choose a Coaching Plan

Whether you want to have a personalized one-on-one coaching session, a group session or attend a class – there are many options to fit your specific needs.

Reach Your Goals

My goal is to help you with yours! I am committed to your succsess and transformation. 

About Me

Hello! Thank you for stopping by! I would like to introduce myself – my name is Lisa Marini. I am assuming you are on my page to get some help with life. I get it. I’ve been there. I had many struggles in life, and I can’t say I used to handle them very well.  I was burned-out. Snippy and short with almost everyone including my children. As a single mom of 2 boys I felt paralyzed with fear about leaving a career I hated. I had all of the tools and know-how to change my life but I was STUCK.

I felt lost, depressed, ridden with anxiety. I was desperate to find a solution – it felt hopeless.

Then I found the solution and my life changed forever…


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"For years, I have searched unsuccessfully for the right kind of help for my anxiety disorder. And I am so encouraged to finally be working with a coach like Lisa. Lisa is wise beyond her years and her caring and gentle demeanor is very calming for me. She combines...


"I became a client of Lisa's and it was a life-changing decision that has brought me significant happiness and balance. Lisa had a customized strategic road map and timeline in place to help me with the current opportunities in my life.  Throughout our partnership,...


"Lisa is a master at eliciting deep reflection and self exploration!  She is an extraordinary combination of spiritual depth, authenticity, and street smarts.  My participation in the 6 session program inspired me to take steps in my professional life that I had...


"Lisa Marini is a natural. Open hearted and generous, this woman cares 100% about the development of self-care. Lisa is a contributor to people who are interested in emerging from their natural states of humanity and stepping into an exploration of what is possible."


"Lisa taught me how to actively rewire my brain. Things I once thought were impossible to change now seem effortless. I am the architect – not the result – of my brain. I can’t recommend Lisa highly enough for anyone who wants to make fundamental changes or...


"Working with Lisa has inspired me to focus on self-care which has had a tremendous impact on my overall health and happiness.  She has such a nurturing way of communicating that makes you feel as though you’ve known her your entire life. She has empowered me to find...


“From the moment I met Lisa, I felt like she had a gift. I am so happy to have followed my intuition and worked with her. Lisa helped coach me through a pretty rough spot during a minor health crisis. To have her on my side, guiding me through what self-care looks...


“Working with Lisa for the past few years has been one of the most beneficial and mind opening experiences that I have been fortunate enough to experience in my lifetime. She was able to take my normal everyday negative experiences in life and helped me understand and...


“Lisa has a natural ability to connect on a deep, intimate level with an enthusiasm for helping people find a balanced life; her mission to focus on self-care encourages confidence, strength, and power. I knew she was a blessing in my life the moment our paths...


“Thank you for a powerful first session today Lisa! I was blow away by how, within the first 15 minutes, you were able to zero in on exactly what it was I needed to get past this block that I've been wrestling with for the past few months. I'm so grateful for how you...

Free Coaching Resources

Coherence Technique

Learn a Coherence technique to practice daily to reduce stress and get you in a great brain state!

Goal Setting Wheel

Click this link to access the life wheel worksheet that can help you hone in on what goals to focus on in life

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