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Work with Lisa one-on-one for individualized and personal coaching

Relationship Coaching

Find new ways to create a relationship that is one you have always dreamed of

Group Coaching

Attend live group coaching sessions and brain based classes either pre-recorded or live

Business Coaching

Customized programs created for businesses working with teams and individuals

Helping You Find Your Path With Personalized Coaching

Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Life?

Isn’t it interesting how sometimes you have life in the palm of your hand, but other times it feels like it’s falling apart?

We can blame your brain for both. 

Let me show you how to use your brain to have more of those great days and less of the bad ones. 

Why Brain-Based Coaching?

Do you ever get upset and you become reactionary and don’t have access to your best self?

Control your reactions by understanding how your brain works.

Are you repeating bad habits you can't seem to break?

Learn how your brain sees these patterns and how to change them permanently.

Do you have stress, overwhelm or anxiety?

These reactions are beacuse your brain feels “unsafe”. Learn how to manage and reduce the effects of stress, overwhelm and anxiety by calming your brain. 

Do you feel stuck and paralyzed in making change?

Inaction is a way for the brain to feel in control and certain – therefore we get stuck and paralyzed. Learn how to manage the brain to be in action.

How Do I know If Coaching is Right For Me?

If you feel that you need that extra support to make change in your life then coaching may be a helpful tool for you. 


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I know what to do - why cant' I do it?

You have all the tools to make the change but you might just need to know how to get your brain on board!

My relationship is pretty good, but it could be better.

There are some amazing tools to make your relationship extraordinary based in knowing how your brain views each situation.

I lost my life purpose.

This is very normal. When we are younger it’s easy to dive head first into life. As we get older we have lots of responsibilites and challenges that disconnect us from our pupose and livign a fulfilled life. Find new ways to redicsover your purpose and passion.

I am so busy and stressed.

We are all facing a massive amount of uncertainty and stress in our current landscape. Find new ways in how to manage and mitigate stress.

Why am I so reactionary?

Your brain is taking in so much inforation every second and often times it perceives things as threats. This effects your behavior and can make you reactionary. Learn how to manage and self-regulate.

Brain-Based Coaching

There is no lack of amazing self-help and personal development tools out there. I’m sure you have read many and learned lots of great things along the way – and perhaps I have some new perspectives you may not know yet. But what happens when you are stressed out, triggered by a situation or overly tired? You lose access to all of those tools. You become a reactionary person who’s behavior might later leave you embarassed. Why does this happen?

It’s your brain’s fault. 

When your brain gets triggered we move into a different brain state and we no lnger have access to all of the amazing qualites you have listed on your resume.

I belive there is a pre-cursor to all coaching and personal/ professional development work and it starts with basic biology and neurobiology. I would love to teach you about it!

How It Works

Email Lisa

I would love to chat with you to answer your questions and help you decide if coaching is a fit for you and what plan would best ft your needs.


Choose a Coaching Plan

Whether you want to have a personalized one-on-one coaching session, a group session or attend a class – there are many options to fit your specific needs.

Reach Your Goals

My goal is to help you with yours! I am committed to your succsess and transformation. 

Individual Coaching

Work with Lisa one-on-one either in-person or remotely via zoom or phone

Relationship Coaching

Work with Lisa as a couple either in person or remotely via zoom or phone

Group Coaching

Group Coaching Options Include:

  • Membership – 2 live group coaching zoom sessions per month
  • Pre-Recorded Self-Paced Classes
  • Live Classes

Business Coaching

Custom programs tailored for Executive Coaching, Team Coaching and Education Programs

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