Hi, I’m Lisa! I look forward to learning more about you and how I can support you!

My Story

I used to be a Superintendent for a Multifamily General Contractor – ya, quite stressful – and as a woman in that industry it caused me not only stress, it created a ton of physical and mental issues. I had memory loss, chronic migraines, hormonal issues and hair loss. But worse than the physical issues was my emotional misery. I felt I lost my purpose and zest for life. 

I felt lost, depressed, ridden with anxiety. I was desperate to find a solution – but it felt hopeless.

Then the most amazing life altering thing happened … I was attending a conference with a neuroscientist and I learned that it was my brain that was in the way. It was stopping me, and making me behave in certain ways to protect me.  I was floored!

It never occurred to me that my brain would paralyze me with fear, or make me be snippy or overwhelmed as a defense mechanism!

So I want to share with you all that I have learned so you too can live a life you love!!

I can help you manage your reactions and emotions, learn to manage stress, set goals the way the brain need to understand them, and to find and live your passion – all through the lens of how your brain works.

My Values & Beliefs


At the core of working with people is a deep respect for where you are. I believe everyone has the answers, I’m here to help facilitate that discovery.


It is foundational for you to feel safe and comfortable in our sessions. Confidentiality is imperative and I want you to trust me as much as I trust you as we work together.


I will show up with present mindedness and will set intentions with you for the session and as a larger picture. It is important to know the direction we are traveling together. 

My Approach

I’m guessing you are a pretty great person who knows how to manage your life. You are a fantastic leader, a super parent, an amazing partner and you have all the tools to be high performing and to achieve your goals.

Often you are on your A-game and are proud of how you handle situations…


What about other times you lose your cool and later regret how you showed up in that situation? 

This is how I coach differently than most others. I help you understand why you react and feel the way you do – not just give you more life tools like listening skills or goal setting.

Granted, those tools are awesome, the problem is you don’t have access to them if you are triggered.

This is how Brain-Based Coaching is different. I show you how to manage and operate your brain so you have access to the amazing person you are!



Lisa’s Certifications/ Trainings

    • Certified Hypnotherapist – American Board for Hypnotherapy ABH-NLP, registered in the State of Colorado, CHt
    • Certified Brain Health Coach – The Amen Clinic, CBHC
    • Certified BrainSpotting Facilitator
    • Certified Integrative Health Coach – Institute of Integrative Nutrition, INHC
    • Certified Neurosculpting® Facilitator – Neurosculpting® Institute, CNSF
    • Trained in Neurolinguistic Programming
    • Certified HeartMath Facilitator
    • Trained in Emotional Freedom Technique EFT

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