Group Classes

Why would one choose group classes vs private coaching? There are 4 main reasons:

1) Group setting is great for people who are looking to be “taught” about brain health and then apply it in their lives. Lisa offers different classes on line in which you receive a lot of information, tips on how to apply it in your life and homework to do. It is then up to you to adopt and implement.

2) Groups are amazing for accountability. When you have a community of people that share a similar mindset and are committed to make a change, a lot of support can be created together. Whether you are sharing new information, helping others stay on track or simply keeping brain health as part of your daily conversation, having like-minded people around can help with your goals.

3) Its amazing how you get your questions answered when you didn’t even know you had that question. When other people ask a question, it often has you looking in your own life about how that might also apply. You can learn things you never expected to learn. This also goes for sharing. When others share an experience, being able to relate that in your own life can bring many new perspectives and insights.

4) Cost. Group settings are substantially less expensive than individual coaching. It depends on the class, but most are around $30 an hour or less, in comparison to $125 an hour for private coaching.


Join this online class to learn the basics of brain health (6 weeks $200)

This course will help you understand why you fall into bad or unhealthy patterns and how to get out of them. It will help you set goals the way your brain wants them to happen, you will gain tools in overcoming automatic negative thoughts, gain new ways to reduce stress through Neurosculpting® and mindfulness, and understand why it’s so darn hard to stick to commitments and not get triggered by others. And you will increase your brain’s health by supporting it with nutrition, sleep and getting rid of harmful things like toxins and sugar.


  • 2 brain health assessments (beginning and end of course to track progress)
  • 2 – 15min one-on one sessions with Lisa
  • Course workbook

Click HERE to learn more and register for the online 6 week online Brain Basics Class



Neurosculpting® merges neuroscience studies and meditation. Coupling the knowledge of neuroplasticity and how neurons wire together in the brain, meditations aim to repattern habits, shed old fears and limitations, heal from trauma and illness, and empower people to live from a place of wholeness.

Neurosculping® a New Relationship with Money ($35) Brain Hacking for a Success Mindset ($109) Foundational Neurosculpting® ($45) Dealing Effectively With Stressful Change ($35) Neurosculpting® to Deal with Fear ($35) Neurosculpting® For Health and Immunity ($35) Neurosculpting® Leadership for Life ($70) Making Peace with Grief ($35) Neurosculpting® for a New Body Image ($35)

Changing your relationship to addiction and habits ($35)