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“After Brain Basics, I am way more knowledgeable about how my choices affect my brain and then the feedback loop ensues. Really important to observe with curiosity what’s happening with my brain instead of being at the effect of it all the time. I experience much more peace and ease even in stressful moments.”

“Lisa’s brain basics class is amazing. It is foundational information that will change the way you approach every day life. By leveraging this knowledge, the positive possibilities are endless. Great course!”

“Without knowledge of HOW to properly utilize your brain no one can possible do their best at work. I benefited from Brain Basics gaining complete education on brain function in multiple areas that have already improved my overall health, performance & nutrition.”

Brain Basics Class


Many things affect the function of your brain including sleep, stress, environment, toxins and food. In Brain Basics you will learn how nutrition supports your cognitive function and boosts your neurotransmitters leading to increased mood and memory. You will learn about stress and its impact on your brain and how to use techniques to combat stress and anxiety. You will also be introduced to Neurosculpting® which is a meditation modality based in neuroscience to rewire old patterns and create new ones. Lastly, a key point in discussion will be understanding the impact of your automatic negative thoughts and how to redirect them.

The course begins with full brain assessment for each participant. You can see which areas of your brain are working too hard and which areas may need exercise and support. At the end of the course you will do another assessment so you can track your progress.

Reduce & Manage Stress

Stop Negative Thoughts

Set Goals and Stick to Them Easily

Improve Focus & Organization

Cultivate Joy Every Day

Understand & Manage Your Triggers

What each session covers

Week 1/ Module 1: Introduction and Goal Setting

Introduction to the brain and the environment it needs to thrive. We learn to set goals the way your brain needs to have them set by using Neurolinguistic Programming techniques

Week 2/ Module 2: Brain States & Neurosculpting®

Understand what stress actually is and what drives all of your behaviors and reactions. You will learn a Neuroscience based meditation modality called Neurosculpting®  to rewire your brain and old habits

Week 3/ Module 3: Brain-Based Nutrition

Learn about brain-specific nutrition to support brain health, neurotransmitters and cognitive function. Food can affect your mood, behaviors and reations and its is foundational to creating life change.

Week 4/ Module 4: ANTs Automatic Negative Thoughts

Why do we always go into negative thinking patterns? Learn why this happens and how to shift these thoughts

Week 5/ Module 5: Neuroscience of Mindfulness

Understanding mindfulness through science, and other stress reduction techniques. Learn how to be present in your life and create tons of joy.

Week 6/ Module 6: Triggers & Setting Your Future

Why is it that sometimes we don’t react to something someone says, but other times it sends us over the edge? Learn why your brain gets triggered and creates reactions and how to manage them in yourself and in others.

I look forward to helping you create a powerful life by understanding the organ in your body that controls it all!

Brain Basics Testimonials




“Even weeks after the course I find myself automatically practicing the exercises learned in the course. The meditation exercises are amazing. I use them in business and in recreational sports when I need "an adjustment". Super powerful stuff. I felt the course was...

Dr. Aaron

“Lisa is very knowledgeable and makes the course very interactive and interesting. I have a good background in neurology and nutrition, however, I have never really looked at the link between the two in detail that she takes you through. This course is a must for...


“Lisa's Brain Basics class was truly inspiring! The information she shared with us would be beneficial for top executives, moms, artists and everyone in-between. If everyone was taught what Lisa offered in this class, there would be a lot more peace, understanding and...


“I just finished a six week Brain Basics course with Lisa and all I can say is WOW!!! Lisa makes the learning about brain health fun and completely understandable. If you're stuck in a rut with your health, in a constant struggle with negative thinking or getting...


“This course opened my eyes to learning more about my whole life! I was a baby brain/neuroscience student and this was amazingly helpful. The time spent was just enough each week and the weekly activities were very reasonable to implement as we learned. Lisa is a very...


“Lisa’s brain basics class is amazing. It is foundational information that will change the way you approach every day life. By leveraging this knowledge, the positive possibilities are endless. Great course!”


“I thoroughly enjoyed the Brain Health classes, they helped me to understand and recognize the different areas of the brain associated with negative and positive thoughts. As well as what to do to keep your brain healthy and to recognize triggers points. I would...


You don't know until you know. After completing Lisa's brain health course I walked away with 2 big questions... - How did I not know this material already? - Why is this not being taught in schools as part of basic, "how to human" education? So yes, I dug this course...


“There are many things I learned and benefited from by taking this course. Learning how to influence and be aware of my subconscious mind was a real eye-opener and made me aware of different angles I can look at when aiming for a goal. I also really benefited from...


“With this course I became aware of of my anxiety issue and triggers causing my anxiety and frustration. This course has helped me have a more stable balanced reaction in stressful situations.”

What’s the difference between the on demand class vs the live zoom class?


On Demand Brain Basics Class

This Brain Basics class contains all of content of the live class in the 6 modules.

So why choose this over the live offering?

  • It is pre-recorded so it is self paced. You can take as long as you need for each module
  • Spend extra time assimilating the content into your every day life. I give hands on tools you can slowly incorporate
  • You don’t have to share your thoughts with anyone unless you want to jump into group chats
  • Take deeper dives with each subject at your own direction




Live Brain Basics Zoom Class

This Brain Basics class is an intensive and exclusive offering.

So why choose this over the on demand offering?

  • You have direct real time access to me during these sessions to help you with questions and to clarify content
  • You have the sharing from the others in the group that will enhance your experience and own transformation by listening to their contributions
  • The tools in this class are very direct and you will apply them immediately in your life
  • This class is for people who are deeply committed to change in their lives and are ready to see their lives shift before their own eyes
  • Have the support of your peers and accountability both inside and outside the class
  • This course meets every week for 6 weeks including a brain assessment before and after the course to measure your progress

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