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What is Neurosculpting®?


Think Meditation, Brain Training, Flow State, Rewiring and Performance Improvement ALL IN ONE!

We know you are busy. In just minutes a day, our trademarked process sculpts new emotional, mental and physical patterns allowing you the freedom to design your life.

Neurosculpting meditation is easy, quick and powerful!

Neurosculpting® merges neuroscience studies and meditation. Coupling the knowledge of neuroplasticity and how neurons wire together in the brain, meditations aim to repattern habits, shed old fears and limitations, heal from trauma and illness, and empower people to live from a place of wholeness.


Neurosculpting® a New Relationship with Money 

Money is far more than currency. For most of us money represents freedom, choice, power, comfort, and status. We use words like worth and value when discussing money, words that can easily come to represent beliefs we hold about ourselves. We have an intimate, energetic, and psychological relationship with money – our own money paradigm. But like any relationship, our involvement with money can become dysfunctional and codependent. Money must serve what is most important in our own lives, but our lives should not serve money. Join us in this introductory class where you will explore your own energetic relationship to money and how you can shift it to better serve your life. We will go on two guided Neurosculpting® meditations in which you will rewrite your own money paradigm. No experience necessary. 

Neurosculpting® for a Success Mindset

Take your profession to an entirely new level! Successful business entrepreneurs don’t rely on luck, they rely on their Success Mindset. Whether you are an entrepreneur or someone who wants to be a better professional, you need to know how to train your brain to accomplish your goals, envision the bigger picture, and keep yourself highly motivated.  This is the class is for you.

~ Learn the basic neurobiology behind goals, motivation, creative problem solving, and visionary insight
~ Discover how to clarify your professional vision and map your mind and body to a successful outcome
~ Identify the 5-step trademarked Neurosculpting® Brain Hack approach to self-directed neuroplasticity
~ Practice mental exercises to move out old patterns of self-sabotage and entrain to your Success Mindset
~ Create a map of goal-oriented action steps

Foundational Neurosculpting® 

Learn the brain basics of how neuroplasticity can transform your life, help you rewrite old patterns, heal from stress and trauma, and become the best you possible. This introductory class is designed for beginners. You will learn how to identify different brain states that hijack your ability to move forward, and gain powerful meditational tools to reverse that process. You’ll get hands-on experience in the Neurosculpting® modality of meditation and brain entrainment, and you’ll learn some daily exercises to take this transformational practice into your everyday life.

Neurosculpting® During Stressful Change

Change is the only constant, and for most of us change – even change we want in our lives – is stressful! Our basic sense of safety relies on our ability to predict our future’s outcomes, but when our predictions are challenged by change the brain easily and quickly resorts to stress and fear. Join us in this introductory class where you’ll learn about this dynamic and go on two guided Neurosculpting® meditations in which you’ll rewrite your own relationship to change and uncertainty. No experience necessary.

Neurosculpting® to Deal with Fear

Fear is an important part of our evolutionary makeup, and when we experience fear in appropriate amounts, and at appropriate times, it acts as our early-warning system, keeping us safe. But fear is also our greatest limiting factor, often keeping us from experiencing the full richness of life. Our brains are wired to build patterns, casting new experiences in the light of the old. The more old fears we hold onto, the more likely we are to view future experiences as fearful, further limiting ourselves. But no one has to remain a slave to fear. Join us in this introductory class where you’ll learn about how fears are created and stored and more importantly how they can be broken. We will go on two guided Neurosculpting® meditations in which you’ll rewrite your own relationship to fear. No experience necessary.

Neurosculpting® for Health and Immunity

The science of epigenetics is offering humanity an opportunity that would have seemed like science fiction just a short time ago; the opportunity to have direct input and conscious control over how our genes express health or sickness. We have all been told that our genetic destinies have long since been written in stone, and that we are powerless to change this. But epigenetics offers us science based hope that we have a say in the function of our own genes. Neurosculpting ® for Health offers you two powerful guided meditations to start you on the path to genetic freedom. No experience necessary.

Making Peace with Grief through Neurosculpting®

In this class you will identify a moment in time in your history when grief seemed insurmountable or paralyzing. You will learn what choices the brain has in these moments to move into expansion rather than contraction. You’ll be guided through two powerful meditations to help reshape your relationship with grief, release it from the body, and renegotiate the space you can move into for healing. This is a beginner class. No experience necessary.

Neurosculpting® a New Body Image

If you’ve ever heard yourself think or say negative things about your body and how you look then you might be interested in knowing what those thoughts are doing to your body. If you’ve ever found yourself comparing your imperfect face to that photo-shopped faces in magazines then you’ll want to know how each of those comparison moments stamps itself into your mind as reality….initiating a cascade of negativity that can spiral all on its own. Join us in the amazingly liberating class where you’ll learn how to reprogram those negative thought cycles and bring balance, grace and beauty back to yourself! No experience necessary.

Neurosculpting® for New Habits

Have you ever set a goal and were on course for a set period of time and then you took a hard left off the path? Perhaps it’s not really your fault after all. Your brain needs to understand what that goal is just as much as you need to. Join in this class to earn how to set goals and habits the correct way and to get your brain on board. You will learn a daily practice meditation to make these new habits a consistent part of your life! No experience necessary.

Both the word and the 5-step process is trademarked on 4 continents.
To ensure the highest level of safety and efficacy, 
the 5-step process and Neurosculpting Meditations may only be taught to others by a certified practitioner.

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