Learn more about Hypnotherapy


What it is:

Hypnotherapy is a way to change your behaviors in the subconsious mind.

– You are fully awake and aware the whole time

– It is a very powerful and permanent tool to change your behaviors and patterns

– It is a proven modality that is completely safe and well researched

What it isn’t:

The movies and stage shows have created a lot of misconseptions about Hypnotherapy that I spend a lot of time debunking

– It is not a Vegas act to get you to bark like a dog – they way I use hypnosis is in a theraputic way

– You cannot get “stuck” in a hypnotic state – it is simply a brain wave pattern and we are in and out of this state all the time

– It isn’t “mind control” – man, if that was a real thing everyone one would do it – it is simply a way to changes associations in your subconscious mind

How it Works:


Hypnotherapy is the act of guiding someone into a trance state and then giving them suggestions for change. This state feels like:

  • A deep state of relaxation
  • Hyperfocus and concentration
  • Increased suggestibility

If that sounds commonplace, it’s because it is. Most of us go in and out of the trance state regularly. If you’ve ever zoned out on your daily commute, fell into a daydream while listening to music, or found yourself immersed in the world of a book or movie, you’ve been in the trance state.

The only difference between hypnotherapy and these everyday trance states is that, in hypnosis, I will induce the trance state and give your subconscious mind suggestions to make lasting and impactful change in your life.

It is often very difficult to make lasting changes such as altering habits, overcoming fears and releasing anxiety from a conscious state of mind. This explains why we fail on diets or can’t stick to an exercise routine. When our subconscious mind is programmed a certain way, one of the best tools to change that programming is through the same subconscious state it was created in. This is where hypnotherapy comes in.

The idea that hypnotists can take over the minds of their subjects and control their actions is, of course, an entirely media-driven myth. In the trance state, you control all of your actions, you can hear everything around you, and you cannot be forced to do anything against your will.

What can it be used for?

Weight Loss

Stress and Anxiety

Personal Development

Habit Change and Goals

Life Transitions

Health and Wellness

Smoking Cessation

Fears and Phobias

Self Esteem

Why hire a Hypnotherapist?

The science behind hypnotherapy is just now beginning to catch up to reports of its beneficial nature. The scientific community is beginning to rave about the potential benefits of hypnosis and what it could do for patients who are looking for a new treatment option. Hypnosis could prove to be a valuable weapon in fighting a multitude issues. Most often, people approach life change through the conscious mind: through goal setting, self-help, counseling and coaching. Unfortunately these techniques don’t always work or have lasting changes. By addressing issues in the subconscious mind (which is 90% of your mind), changes can be more quickly achieved and last a lifetime. Essentially, you are reprogramming your software.


What to look for when hiring a Hypnotherapist

Hypnotherapists, their methods, and the rates in which they achieve success vary by case. Hypnotherapy is a trust-based exercise that demands a great deal of immersion on the part of the client.

There are different avenues and levels of training for hypnotherapists. Some hypnotherapists will have undertaken quite extensive training but others may only have done quite short courses. Lisa Marini was trained at Hypnosis Motivational Institute, a Nationally Accredited College of Hypnotherapy which has been in operation for 50 years. She received an extensive 300-hour training and is Certified through the high standards of the American Board of Hypnotherapy ABH-NLP.