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What is Brain Based relationship coaching?


What is brain based relationship coaching? Let me ask you a question… Could you imagine starting a business just based on a simple idea? Of course you can. A lot of entrepreneurs start their businesses on a simple idea or something that sparks excitement or joy. But that’s just the beginning. They then have to have a plan, structure, goals, a mission and then a plan on how to execute and maintain this business. Let me ask you another question… Did you do the same thing for your relationship?

Most often people get in relationship based on chemistry or shared interests. And it’s exciting. Sometimes we have shared common values, but sometimes we don’t even get as far as to discussing that. But typically, in most relationships, that’s where we stop building and co-creating.

Imagine having a blueprint

for your relationship!

Outcomes of Relationship Coaching

Effective Communication

Co-Creation & Secure Attachment

Deeper Connection

Happiness & Joy

Being Understood & Heard

True Partnership

 The brain desires structure, consistency, and certainty. So often in relationships, especially when they aren’t functioning very well, there is lack of certainty. And there is a lot of “unknowns” and questioning of our partners and of ourselves.

I help people not only create the structure that the brain desires to have and the methods to get there, but also, I help people understand how the brain perceives interactions and conversations so that people can be their best selves and feel completely fulfilled in relationship.

There are tons of amazing tools and books about relationships. Let’s take one example that many people know about – The Love Languages-  This is one of my favorite tools to use with couples. It can be quite effective if the couples are in the right mindset but, the problem arises when they are not in that mindset.

Think about this for a minute –  Everything is going well in your relationship –  you’re communicating and feel loved. It’s very easy to think about the love language your partner needs, and it’s easy to communicate what you’re needing. But now imagine if you’re pissed off or triggered by something they did or said that hurts you. It’s very unlikely that you’re willing to sit down and discuss how you need to be loved. You’re in a protective mode – a fight or flight response where you are defending yourself.


The interesting thing is the brain operates in one of two ways:  either in a defensive way, or in an open way


My goal with couples is to understand these brain states so that you can help yourself and your partner.  You can be in those more open states more often if you understand the biology of what is happening. 

8-Week Relationship Coaching Curriculum

Module 1 Set up to WIN!

In week one, you learn how to set each other up to WIN in your relationship. You will create your Mission & Vision statements for your relationship. We discover how you want to “show up” and begin to create the structure and foudation for your relationship to thrive.

Module 2 Getting ALL Your Needs Met

In week two I will help you discover what your needs are in a simple way  so your partner has all the answers to the test – and you will have their answers as well! This is the foundation to create the relationship of your dreams!

Module 3 It’s not your partner’s fault, it’s your brain’s fault

In week three you will discover how your brain perceives everything in your relationship – including conflict. You will learn how to operate the organ that controls everything from your thoughts to your reactions and behaviors.

Module 4 Shut UP and listen

In week  four you will learn the power of listening. Most often we learn communication tools based on what we “say” to others – in this module you will learn how to listen in a way that sets your partner up to win. This is an absolute game changer!

Module 5 Why you so salty?

In week five you can understand the triggers that really send your partner over the edge, and they will learn yours – believe it or not, there are only 5! This is a model based in neuroscience that makes navigating conflict a breeze and will help to keep you from going off the deep end.

Module 6 Honesty? How about INTEGRITY

In week six we will discuss INTEGRITY. Integrity is hands down the life source of your relationship. If you don’t have it clearly defined and established, the success of your relationship will be greatly impared. This module will help you navigate in a clear easy way how to address the relationship “bumps in the road”.

Module 7 Rules of Engagement

In week seven you will put guardrails in place around conflict. Every relationship has disagreements and compromises to navigate. If you have a guide book a head of time, these are less likely to turn into heated arguments and become problem-solving sessions as a team.

Module 8 Investing for Success

In week eight as a couple you will decide how to invest in your relationship. When you contribute, you will get a high rate of return on that effort. This is a great way to complete the course and continue the work on your own to ensure you are always on the path of maintaining your ideal relationship.