What is Membership?

For a small monthly payment of $25/mo, you can join Lisa’s group coaching sessions via zoom. Get personally coached by submitting questions before the group meeting, or raise your hand in the session. Or, simply watch others get coached and benefit from the observation and then seeing how it applies to your own life.

Why Join the Membership?

– A great way to experience Lisa’s way of coaching for a very small fee of $25/ month

– An opportunity to observe others being coached and seeing how the material applies to you without being “on the spot”

– Access to all previous coaching sessions that are recorded and you can search by topic

– Build a community with other individuals – the point of the group is not only to be coached, but to build a community

How it Works:


Simply register for the low monthly cost of $25 and attend the live zoom coaching calls and have access to the library of all previous sessions

When are live zoom sessions held?

Every 2nd and 4th Friday of every month from 3pm MST – 4pm MST

Get Your First Month of Membership FREE!!

Have questions about membership? Drop me a line!