What is Hypnotherapy? Does it work? Hypnotherapy is the act of guiding someone into a trance state and then giving them suggestions for change. This state feels like: A deep state of relaxation Hyperfocus and concentration Increased suggestibility If that sounds commonplace, it’s because it is. Most of us go in and out of the […]

What is Brain Health Coaching?

As you can imagine, people often ask me “what is brain health coaching?” Brain health coaching is much like any sort of coaching – you engage an expert to assist you in improving something you do. People who want to be in better shape hire fitness coaches. People who want to improve their careers retain […]

Personal Development & Performance

Are you living at your greatest potential? What if personal development could be enhanced with neuroscience? Discovering your brain’s potential using techniques that enhance neuroplasticity can help you in leadership, performance and to achieve your highest ability. Or perhaps you want a new job? A new relationship? Brain based goal setting may be the new […]


Struggling to lose weight or stay motivated on your exercise and diet plan? And yet you’ve tried EVERYTHING already? Brain based weight loss and nutrition may be the ticket. Are you unwavering for the first week of a diet and then the willpower fades? Do you dread going to the gym? Learn to understand this […]