I won a free session with Lisa a few weeks ago. I sometimes can be pretty skeptical when it comes to anything woo-woo-ey and even though I know Lisa, I actually wasn’t sure what I was in for regarding this. Turns out, what she does is pretty freakin’ awesome and she put things in a way where my analytical brain could understand what she was saying 100%. I actually got a lot out of the session we had. I am concerned about health currently, and kind of teeter totter on knowing I need to do stuff but never seem to really take that plunge. Since my session with Lisa, I have lost 7 pounds. I can honestly say that I feel like Lisa kicked my brain awake, and my brain then kicked my butt into a much needed start. I am really grateful for the session I had with her and hope to have more with her in the future. I think Lisa has the ability to really reach down to YOU and help you achieve or work through anything you are hoping to get through.”