Liz – Testimonial

I had been dealing with multiple stressful life events and reached out to Lisa to give one of her Neurosculpting meditations a try.  I can not speak highly enough at how beneficial this unique meditation was for me; I finally reached that break through I had so desperately been searching for. My Neurosculpting session guided me in a way that finally helped me identify exactly what my personal struggles were and clearly reflect on them in order to let go of the stress they continually burdened me with.  Never before was I able to fully bring my issues to the surface and reflect on them in a way that allowed me to release them and set up new goals to fill the space that the negativity once took up.  I would recommend Lisa’s Neurosculpting sessions to anyone seeking to learn a new way to cope with the stresses of life; we all experience them and providing yourself with the resources to re-train your brain to properly process these events is priceless.  Thank you so much Lisa