About Lisa

Lisa has spent most of her adult life wrangling multi-million dollar construction projects both in working as a Superintendent as well as a Project Manager. She obtained many varying skills in this line of work and enjoyed the challenge and growth the industry demanded. Her true passion is being in service to others, and has always found time to do one-on-one coaching as well as group coaching.

Certified as a Brain Health Coach by The Amen Clinic, Lisa also spent many years in her own personal development and fulfilled the entire Landmark Education Curriculum. Lisa is a Certified Integrative Health coach receiving her education through one of the world’s largest nutrition schools the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, as well as obtaining certification as a Neurosculpting® Facilitator through the Denver based Neurosculpting® Institute. Lisa recently added Hypnotherapy to her practice to best help her clients. She graduated with honors from one of the few Nationally Accredited Colleges of Hypnotherapy – HMI Hypnosis Motivational Institute. She is Certified through the American Board for Hypnotherapy ABH-NLP and is registered in the State of Colorado.

Through years of being a mother of two boys, including single motherhood and having a demanding career, she realized the importance of self-care, but had a hard time understanding what it meant to take care of yourself fully. Even though days at the spa were much needed and fully embraced, she longed to find what self-care really encompassed. She studied the brain and the critical role it plays in ALL decisions from weight loss, goal setting, stress relief and every area of life. Lisa founded her Brain Coaching practice dedicated to aid individuals in health, performance and personal development.