6-week Online “Brain Basics” Course

Join this class to learn the basics of brain health

Many things affect the function of your brain including sleep, stress, environment, toxins and food. In Brain Basics you will learn how nutrition supports your cognitive function and boosts your neurotransmitters leading to increased mood and memory. You will learn about stress and its impact on your brain and how to use techniques to combat stress and anxiety. You will also be introduced to Neurosculpting® which is a meditation modality based in neuroscience to rewire old patterns and create new ones. Lastly, a key point in discussion will be understanding the impact of your automatic negative thoughts and how to redirect them.

The course begins with full brain assessment for each participant. You can see which areas of your brain are working too hard and which areas may need exercise and support. At the end of the course you will do another assessment so you can track your progress.

Week 1: Introduction and Goal Setting
Introduction to the brain and setting goals through Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques

Week 2: Neurosculpting®
Neuroscience based meditation modality -rewire your brain and old habits

Week 3: Nutrition
Brain specific nutrition to support brain health, neurotransmitters and cognitive function

Week 4: Automatic negative thoughts
Why we have them, and how to stop them – learning cognitive behavioral techniques

Week 5: Neuroscience of Mindfulness
Understanding mindfulness through science, and other stress reduction techniques

Week 6: Triggers & Setting Your Future
Discovering our triggers through neuroscience and creating a brain healthy life

I look forward to helping you create a powerful life by understanding the organ in your body that controls it all!


To Register – $200 course price 

Classes will be held on Friday’s from 12:00pm- 1:00pm MST

  • February 26
  • March 5
  • March 12
  • March 19
  • March 26
  • April 2

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